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Our Process
The First Step
A Professional Assessment
"Felipe came out to inspect my roof, we discussed the leaking around my chimney and he assured me they would take care of it along with taking off the two existing layers of shingles."
Danielle B.


Years of professional experience on the job.
Starting Point
Remove the old or start from scratch

From choosing the right materials to ensuring the proper ventilation, we take care of every detail so you can be confident your roof will do its job.

Roof Replacement
Ensure all the nails are flush with the surface. If there are any nails sticking out, they can catch on the new shingles.
New Installation
Evaluate the scructure, protect against ice, apply drip edge then begin with the underlayment Installation
One Step At A Time

"The team was at my house promptly at 9am, and was gone by 6pm with no trace of them other then my beautiful new roof."

Sofia M. • Ada, Michigan.
Red Maple is based in Grand Rapids, MI.

Enjoy The Process

Protect your most valuable investment - Red Maple Roofing makes it simple.
Exactly what I needed.
Bella Ridley
“Excellent service, professional and friendly.”
Tom T.
“Their crew are fantastic workers.”
Alfred, Zoning Admin City of Ovid MI.
“Good price with quality materials and work.”
Steven W.
Felipe, Diego and their team is phenomenal!
Danielle B.

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